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Support Group

MenXpress is a place where men can come together and can openly share their stories with one another, be vulnerable, feel safe, and express their feelings/emotions with like-minded individuals. I have created a virtual space (conducted via Zoom) where men can log on and talk to each other about whatever it is they would like to talk about. As this initiative grows, my intentions are to be able to conduct these meetings in person, as the dynamic when face to face, is vastly different. I still would like to keep the virtual platform as an option as I understand many might prefer this. 

I will act a facilitator for these connections and will only intervene if necessary or asked to do so by a member. Otherwise, it’s an open platform for free flowing discussion amongst men who are suffering from mental dis-stress. My intentions behind these connections is a sense of belonging, friendship, camaraderie, and hopefully a place where men can initiate healing. I want to break down the stigma associated with men’s mental health. Men who address mental health disturbances are often seen as weak, inferior, and emasculate. The truth is men who are courageous enough to address these obstacles are far more superior, connected, fulfilled, and masculine compared with men who do not. It’s that simple. 


I would like to personally welcome you to MenXpress. You have taken the hardest step. With due time, you will achieve greatness. You will feel more connected than you have ever felt before. Perhaps, you may wonder why it took so long to get here. Understand you have chosen the path of fulfillment and have left behind the path of despair, and for that, I applaud you. Believe me, I know it wasn’t easy. I look forward to connecting. 

NOTE* Each connection last’s approximately one hour and each individual will pay whatever they can afford. It’s a sliding scale. You must book a 15-min discovery call with Dr. George prior to being a part of MenXpress.

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