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Naturopathic Services

The human body is a complex system. Naturopathic Medicine provides a functional approach to healing by combining holistic modalities with up-to-date research using non-invasive, non-toxic treatments targeting the root cause while promoting and supporting the body’s innate healing capabilities. Using the principles of Naturopathic Medicine, we can identify ‘gaps’ in our lifestyle, environment, and biochemistry in order to restore these imbalances so that you can live life to you full potential.

  1. Initial Naturopathic Consultation

We will work together and begin with an in-depth review of your health concerns, medical history, and any other information you feel is pertinent. We will determine which relevant functional medicine testing and/or labs are necessary to create both short and long-term treatment plans. Examples of treatment plans include: nutritional recommendations, lifestyle/behavioural treatments, herbs, vitamins, supplements, acupuncture, and more. If you have any recent blood work and/or diagnostic testing, please bring this to your first visit.

2.  Follow Up Consultation

We will determine a right time frame when to have you back at the clinic. During this follow-up we will review any pertinent testing, treatment plans, strategies, and create a plan for restoration of your health and/or health maintenance. Follow-ups are intended to keep you accountable, keep you on track, and review/modify the plan accordingly. Health restoration takes time, and so my intention is to have you on the right track within 3-4 visits and we can modify the treatment plan if things aren’t moving in the direction we anticipated. 

3. Virtual Naturopathic Consultation

Telemedicine appointments are available. These appointments are available for both new and existing patients of Dr. Makrides, ND located in Ontario. Dr. Makrides, ND will use his discretion and might recommend an in-person visit if the standard of care cannot be met via virtual appointments.

Please note: virtual care is only available to patients located in Ontario.

4. Functional Medicine

During our first visit, we will discuss which tests (if any) may be relevant to assist in a proper diagnosis as part of the comprehensive analysis of your health history. Examples of such tests include: hormonal, metabolic, environmental, food sensitivity, inflammation, amino acids, and more.

Please note: you must be a patient of Dr. Makrides, ND in order for him to complete any diagnostic testing. 

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